Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate



22 Jan 2022

Other changes

I changed the texts in the original games section; unfortunately, I still cannot say whether the versions I shared are compatible with the software of the latest devices. I was intended to check it out by the occasion of purchasing a new electronic toy, but before I could transfer my files with games, that stupid device had already downloaded and installed all the original applications assigned to my account.

I also changed the picture and the description regarding the book. Currently, instead of warnings concerning poor translation quality (which is not difficult to deduce from other texts posted here), there are some general information about the content.

23 Dec 2021

Homepage changes

Once again I changed the text on the home page...  Most willingly I would remove it at all, but I guess SOME homepage should exist. Still, I've no idea what to write there; I only know, what kind of visitors I don't wish to see here.
20 Dec 2021

Shortenings in the board games' descriptions.

The lists of board games' components have been removed. I came to the conclusion that the detailed list of contents is not so important, and too much text makes scrolling the page to the next position troublesome.
17 Dec 2021

New graphic section 

I have prepared a couple of banknote designs from various countries, where the Game action takes place. As the banknote from Amn also ended up there, its pattern posted previously in the gallery, has been removed. The only currently available variety of this banknote is the french one; the eglish version, however, is still achievable in the folders with board games ("Shadows of Amn" and "Throne of Bhaal").