Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate


Plans and projects in progress

"Throne of Bhaal" board game

Likelihood of implementation: 80%

The natural consequence of my prior activities, requires in this jubilee year, the work on the board adaptation of the final part of the "Baldur's Gate" saga to be completed.
Yeah, it's easy to say, but the board adaptation of "Shadows of Amn" has completely exhausted my resources of patience, creative energy and will to act. I will not have the opportunity to enjoy this game myself, and I have no one to create it for. Besides, the plot of third part is hard to be reflected in board version; I have doubts if I'll manage with this. From the other hand, if I'll fail, there will be no point for this website to exist anymore; after destruction of the first and third part of the book trilogy, the board games was the only hope for any complete adaptation of the primeval work.