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Here you'll find info about newly added elements on the site, such as articles, pics, downloadable items and new sections.

15 XI 2021 - I decided to close the literary section for some time (I doubt anyone will cry because of this). As usual, I'd like to introduce some corrections and improvements to the only existing there novel, which doesn't mean it will finally be fully amended. No, this will never come to pass; it's easier to clean up the ocean from the oil slicks, but... at least, thre should be a couple of errors less afterwards.

2 XI 2021 - More pictures illustrating the "Throne of Bhaal" board game.

30 X-12XI 2021 - My inexhaustible source of abashment (I mean my damned novel of course), provided me some hours of joyful work again. This time I made not only amendments of some unnoticeable spelling mistakes, but decided also on improvement of one or two sentences, that until now were... perhaps even correct (which I doubt), but sounded somehow strange.

24 X 2021 - After many difficulties and delays, an adaptation of the "Throne of Bhaal" is finally available in the board games section. The current version still contains some minor spelling errors, but nevertheless it's fit for use.

23 X 2021 - The section with announcements of currently developed projects, has been closed. From now on, any information of new elements that may appear on the site, will be posted in this section.

19 X 2021 - If nothing unexpected stand on the way, the board version of the "Throne of Bhaal" shall appear in the board games' section within this week. This part is slightly easier than the "Shadows of Amn", and... slightly better translated.

By the occasion of elaborating some elements based on similar ones from the previous part, I discovered a couple of faults there, which I hope to correct one day; to my mind, it was nothing serious enough to make the gameplay impossible, and if English is your mother tongue, this game is not intended for you anyway. 

9 X 2021 - Once again I introduced some minor changes and amendments in the novel... It's not so hard to find errors there; it's enough to open the book on any page. It would be much easier if I knew English, but I loathe this language and its native speakers too much, to overcome this repulse and learn the Shakespeare's speech honestly. In direct contact with anglo-saxons, it's incomparably easier (and better) to simply pull the trigger... Never mind, let's get back to the "novel". I'm not sure if every of the last corrections was really needed, so the currently available version of the book may be even worse than the previous one. But who cares? I'm sure that not a single person has read it anyway. The most important is, that there's still a lot of nice pictures.

3 VIII 2021 - I added to the gallery french version of amnian money (that banknote with Nalia).

13 VII 2021 - Slight graphic improvements in "Shadows of Amn" board game (e.g. new, better team's pawn).

A couple of graphic corrections and text amendments in the novel "Shadows of Amn".

10 VII 2021 - Some new pics in maps' section.

4 VII 2021 - 4 July is an extremely important anniversary for me, although I am not an American (Americans write down the month as the first). On that day, exactly 20 years ago at 6:37 PM (I still have the receipt), I bought the "Baldur's Gate" collector's edition. At the time, I didn't know anything about this game, it was supposed to be just a simple entertainment... I never thought that this moment would prove to be the most important in my life, that this story would absorb me so much, that in the next twenty years I would devote so much time, affection and work to it. That for such a long time, my attachment to this story will not weaken nor fade, and that thanks to it I will discover within me even some artistic abilities, that I would never have suspected myself of having. In my sad, full of violence life, most of rare happy moments I experienced while plunging into the world of this wonderful game; no one has ever been closer to me than the characters of this story.

4 VII 2021 -The board game "Throne of Bhaal" has successfully passed the last tests, and is almost done. I still have to prepare the handbook (I prefer the word "instruction") and translate everything into a common speech, which will take about 2 months. It won't be a very good translation, but surely not as tragic as in case of the novel - anyway, it should be sufficient for the gameplay.

12 VI 2021 - Another fix for the board game "Shadows of Amn"; there was a small mistake in Imoen's spellbook, but it was so inconsiderable, that I noticed it only at fourth gameplay (14 session).

22 V 2021 - A small but significant change in the "Shadows of Amn" board game - now it'll be slightly easier.

10 V 2021 - End of politeness. The homepage has taken more aggressive form; now it's less elegant than before, but I have too much hate within to tame it anymore, besides... the true is, that I don't wish to host here EVERY visitor.

4 V 2021 - "Shadows of Amn" novel is finally back after introducing  many significant amendments. But it's still far from ideal. I regret very much that I did not manage to overcome my linguistic handicap, and I am unable to present this novel in fully optimal form; however, since it is quite possible that I will not be able to continue working on it, I present it in current shape. For some time I seriously considered permanently removing the literature section, but ultimately I decided that this book could be treated the same way as those crumbled clay tablets containing the "Epic of Gilgamesh" - boring and only partially reconstructed, but still important relic of literature. Anyway, I believe that most of the novel should be fit for reading (or rather I hope so, because I'm already sick of this damn book).

2 IV 2021 - Due to the upcoming premiere of the board version of the "Throne of Bhaal", I removed from the board games section that the most simplified one, because it did not fit the series, and it further presence here would be inconsistient to the sacred roman rule "omne trinum perfectum".

29 III 2021 - New article devoted to Bhaal, in essays section. It's nothing particularly interesting, but from time to time I should add something new to the site.

24 III 2021 - I will burn in Hell for this, but I finally decided to put the JAVA version of "Baldur's Gate" in the digital games section. Well... actually It shouldn't be called "Baldur's Gate", because apart from the title, it has nothing in common with the story of Bhaalspawns. If you ever seen the movies from Ghana, I mean especially that "Alien vs Terminator" (or whatever it was supposed to be), this is more or less the same degree of alikeness and respect regarding the original.

23 III 2021 - Finally I removed those nasty social media icons that were spoiling the visual aesthetics of the site. I don't know what they were supposed to be used for apart from spreading information about the existence of this website, and that is what I don't care about.

22 III 2021 - Slight amendments in the "Shadows of Amn" board game.

21 III 2021 - All notices that gathered in this section over the past year have been removed (it was already too much of this)