Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate


Digital games

BGI for Android (1-3-2079)

Download BGI (Android)

Size: 2,1 GB

Full wersion of the game for the Android. You may play in one of 15 languages available. This version of the game works only on devices with a Mali graphics card.  

BGII/III for Android (v2.5.16.6)

                                                         Download BGII/III (Android)

Size: 3,6 GB
Full wersion of the game for the Android. You may play in one of 8 languages available; Polish, German and Italian wersion contains also translated films and characters' voices (but I wouldn't reccomend german version even to Germans). I don't know on which graphic cards works this version.

BGII/III for Windows (v1-3)

                                                      Download BGII/III (Windows


Full version of the game for PC. This is the older (only English) variety, not including the "story mode" (immortality).

BGII/III for Android (v1-3 Mali)

                                                         Download BGII/III (Android)


Full version of the game for mobile devices. This is the older (only English) variety, not including the "story mode" (immortality).

Imoen for "Siege of Dragonspear"

Download Imoen for Siege of Dragonspear

Size: 197kb

Savegame allowing  to play the „Siege of Dragonspear“ campaign with Imoen in the team's composition. Just put the folder „SoD - expedition with Imoen“ in the folder with saved games and continue after starting the game

Windows (PC) wersion: My documents -> Baldur’s Gate – Enchanced Edition -> sodsave
Android version:  Files manager ->  SD card -> Android -> Data -> com.beamdog.siegeofdragonspear -> Files -> sodsave
This save is compatible with both Windows and Android versions of the game. The gameplay begins just before leaving Baldur's Gate and the start of chapter 8.
The only drawback to this solution is the lack of freedom in creating the main character - you will have to use the most appropriate version of Bhaalspawn (you will see what it is like to be me). You will only be able to choose portrait and voice.
One final note: Imoen will not be automatically removed from your party at the end, as will happen with the other companions; you'll have to do it yourself after returning from Hell.
Or better, do not play this shitty travesty at all.

"Baldur's Gate" for JAVA                                 

Download "Baldur's Gate" for JAVA

Size: 165 kb

The most shitty, most pathetic attempt of adaptation this wonderful Game that ever been created by official factors. Compared to this, even my novel's translation seems not so bad, though I consider it as my life greatest failure. This JAVA version of "BG" i treat as a therapy; every time I have doubts about the quality of my own adaptations, it's enough for me to remind this... "thing", and my mood and confidence immediately improves. This game is not weak due to the software technology; many JAVA games were made well, and were providing quite nice entertainment. Unfortunately, this one is probably the worst ever, and it's hard to believe that someone could've spoil this great subject in such a degree solely because of own ineptness. Presumably it was a lampoon made on purpose, ordered by "Wizards of the Coast". It only confirms, that the campaign of defiling the "Baldur's Gate" was carried out long before the rise of "Beamdog" and its repulsive caricatures of this Game, which all will surely end up on the dumpster of human memory where they belong. Just from the same place, I dug up this predecessor of "Siege of Dragonspear" and other "beamdogish" neoplasms, which titles I loathe even to write. Okay, enough about this, or I'm gonna puke... Let's better get to the technical stuff.

Running this "game" on Android devices requires the installation of a JAVA emulator; the game folder does not contain the program needed, but you can easily download one of the many free versions from anywhere. Just type "JAVA emulator" in the Google Play Store search engine and install. The game itself must be manually placed in the device's memory, just remember where you've put it, because when installing you'll have to indicate it (for my own usage, I simply created a separate folder for JAVA games). Never mind... If you fail, it wont be a great tragedy. On the contrary; If you love "Baldur's Gate", you should rather stay awaaaay from this piece of shit.