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Baldur's Gate III : Throne of Bhaal - board game

Baldur's Gate III: Throne of Bhaal (board game) - download

Size to download: 123 mb

Approximate time of the gameplay:

8-10 hours

Last correction: -

A board adaptation of the third and last installment of the great series. The rules of the game are based on the solutions used in the adaptation of the second part, but with a few simplifications. Some tokens, such as "love" or "Bhaal's taint" have been removed from the gameplay, while experience markers are now collected by the team as a whole (not individual persons), and used to gain one-time skills, because due to the shorter storyline, characters in this part will not advance to higher levels. The importance of the morale factor has also been increased. The division of temples and taverns into three types has been abolished, which on the one hand simplifies the gameplay, but at the same time significantly increases the expenses of the team (i.e. no collective treatment during rest). To fill this financial gap, in the board version of the "Throne of Bhaal" - unlike the previous part - victories over pawns are rewarded with gold and experience.


In general, despite inability of recreating some aspects of the original, the adaptation of this part seems quite satisfactory, at least from my point of view - and I myself am ​the only recipient, whose opinion matters to me. As for the gameplay, this time it should be a bit easier - and shorter, however, ending the adventure within a single session is rather unreal.

As with the board version of the "Shadows of Amn", recreating all the elements of this game at home conditions is a time-consuming and costly endeavor - I can't help this. All I can do for the real "Baldur's Gate" fans, is to share the results of my efforts with those, who will wish to make use of them.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - board game

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (board game) - download

Size to download: 148 mb

Approximate time of the gameplay:

20-30 hours

Last correction: 13 VII 2021

A board adaptation of the second part of the saga; the complexity of the rules and the number of variable parameters may seem discouraging for a novice player, although tests have shown that even a single person is able to control the gameplay without much exertion. Despite the fact that the technical limitations resulting from the board nature of this adaptation made it impossible to fully recreate many of the characteristic elements and plot aspects of the original (and sometimes even have forced changes and simplifications), the presented game still quite efficiently reproduces the content and atmosphere of the real "Baldur's Gate II" (this impression can be deepened when the game is accompanied by original music).


The game is available for free, but due to the large number of elements, recreating them all at home conditions is a tedious and time-consuming process - and it's good that it is so. A true "Baldur's Gate" devotee will no doubt be willing to sacrifice some time and effort for getting board version of this wonderful Game, and others are not worthy of sharing with them by the results of MY hard work.

The game, of course, I created primarily with myself in mind, which is why the default mode is single-player, although the rules also allow for the participation of more players, partition of the team and performing several missions simultaneously (only on adventure boards; in the dungeon crawler mode, all players must explore the same area, commanding own characters). 

The rules were inspired by the solutions used in several other games; however, there are only a few remnants of my favorite "Talisman", which was the basic model in the beginning of converting "Baldur's Gate" into a board version. The adaptation of the "Shadows of Amn" in very small degree refers to the rules of the "Tales of the Sword Coast", and in this respect is not its continuation (it is incomparably longer and more complicated; to those who prefer simpler and faster games, I definitely recommend the first part of the series).

Baldur's Gate I : Tales of the Sword Coast - board game

Baldur's Gate I : Tales of the Sword Coast (board game) - download

Size to download: 54 mb

Approximate time of the (successful) gameplay:

3.5-4.5 hours.  

A simple, board version of the first part of the saga, based partly on the rules of "Talisman" (surely not for AD&D fanatics). Pretty successful as for adaptation, though of course, it will never be equal to the original. The gameplay will be much more climatic with original music playing in the background (can be downloaded here).
I don't want to disappoint anyone, so I warning now: this game was elaborated rather for single player, due to progressive breakdown of social bonds (simply put: it's more and more difficult to find gaming partners). Anyway, I hardly can imagine this gameplay with more players.
I tried to base gameplay only on standard d6 dices, but eventually one or two d8 will also be needed. All other elements necessary for the gameplay are included in the folder.