Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate



"Shadows of Amn" novel (v.10)

"English-like" version

Size: 9,7 mb, 542 pages (illustrated)

Type of narration: first-person

Last amendment: 18 IV 2022

An average literary adaptation of the second part of the saga. As an author, but above all as a fan of "Baldur's Gate II", I am largely pleased with the result, although there will always be weaker fragments in a novel as long as this one. The book has the form more or less such, as I wanted to give it, although it is very unlikely that anyone else will find it satisfactory. This is not a typical adventure novel, in which the main emphasis is on the action, because describing the battle scenes is definitely not my strongest point; since I was not interested in luring the most primitive audience, craving for cruelty, pornography, violence and vulgarity, these elements are not present within this book, or they appear here sporadically. This novel focuses mainly on the sphere of feelings and relations between the characters, which I suppose should discourage 90% of those, who for some reason considered reading it - the more so as the initial chapters are not the best.

Main disadvantages:

1.Really poor translation  (sometimes it can even be funny)

2.Some fragments of the story too briefly presented (especially those describing adventures in Brynnlaw and in Ust Natha).

3.Too few action scenes (none between fight with Mindflayers in the Underdark, and the final clash with Bodhi)

4.Unskillfully depicted fight scenes with trolls in Nalia's castle

5.Too shallow romance plot

6.Definitely underused Minsc's thread

6.Unconvincingly presented progress of relations between Nalia, and the main character

...and many, many others.

Positive aspects:

1.Quite well-shown relationship of the main character with Imoen

2.A fairly well-portrayed character of Yoshimo

3.Surprisingly good descriptions of the duel between Jaheira and Glaicus, battle with black dragon and the final fight

Original version (😉)

Size: 10,2 mb, 1183 pages (illustrated)

An merciful proposal for those who couldn't endure the "English" version; this version contains the same, nice pictures, but should not shock anyone with poor translation. However, everything comes at a price; I'm sure that now, none human will understand a single word.


"Tales of the Sword Coast" novel

Estimated size after translation (13% shorter than the original): 290-320 pages.

This novel is not available anymore. I'm sorry, but all copies has been erased before my first suicide attempt in 2019 (before dying, I wanted to destroy everything I created). I didn't do it for fun; someone deprived me of all joy of life, and it's their, not mine fault, that the book is lost forever. I can assure you, that I would prefer it survive instead of my body.

This part was my favorite; I always considered it the most successful of all three, despite skipping some scenes in Cloakwood, and large inaccuracies at the end (lack of underground city). It's a pity that "Shadows of Amn" survived, not the first part of the saga.


"Throne of Bhaal" novel

Estimated size after translation (13% shorter than the original): 190-280 pages.

No longer available (for the reasons given above).

Well, as for this novel I have never been entirely satisfied with it, and I do not regret its destruction that much (perhaps I would have done it anyway). Although I highly value "Throne of Bhaal" as a brilliant and DEFINITIVE closure to the saga, its greatness as a game was not adaptable to the book form - or at least my skills were insufficient for that. I was unable to satisfactorily present the scenes in the pocket sphere, nor the final fight; I also changed a few other scenes to avoid the descriptions of teleporting the party into, and from besieged Saradush (some of these solutions I used in the board game).