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Welcome. You've come to the only decent website, devoted to the "Baldur's Gate" saga. Apart from multitude of graphics, full versions of all original games and soundtracks, you may also find here some unique, not obtainable anywhere else singularities, created for author's personal usage, such as board games or never published novels.

Using the site does not require creating an account, logging in, providing any data nor watching advertisements; You will also not encounter intrusive pleas for financial support, subscriptions, likes, nor anything that seems to be so crucial for everyone around.

And now, less pleasant matters.

From the privilege of visiting this website are excluded all the "persons" involved in any way into creation, dissemination or glorification of filthy jewish alterations and modifications, intended for profanation of "Baldur's Gate" and extreme defilement of Imoen - the sweetiest, kindest and most charming person imaginable, and the only human being I have ever truly loved. If you're one of these repulsive degenerates, get the fuck out from this site and do not dare to enter here ever again. I advise you to return to the burning of ancient manuscripts, raping own daughter, or anything that troglodytes like you considers funny, right, appropriate, acceptable or admirable; vermin of your kind you'll easily find on Beamhog discussion forums, but here you're equally unwelcome as a cockroach in my house (although, to be honest cockroach is morally less loathsome - mindless insect has no malice within).

Those, who through insolence are going to ignore my prohibition, I forewarn that on my website they will certainly not find anything enough vulgar or cruel as to satisfy their primitive tastes.